Hand-drawn Batik Making Class

Experience the art of Batik to create your unique and very personal batik art. We will explain and help through the whole process. No art experience necessary.

You will learn the ancient technique of using a traditional tools for applying the hot wax onto the fabric, we call it “Canting”. (5-hour session you will combine with Batik Cap, is another way to apply the wax)

You can make your own design or we have many stencel you can choose.
Once the design is drawn out into the cloth it is then ready to be waxed. Wax is applied to the cloth over the areas of the design. Before you do on the original one,we will give extra cloth for practice waxed.

After wax has been applied,you will do coloring on your batik fabric with the dye, we have 17 different color that you can use. When the dyes are set, the batik is boiled to remove the wax. After the boil, the piece is washed in clear water, then dried to reveal the beauty and originality of the batik.

Be creative with no pressure included and it’s going to be really fun and the result of your batik masterpiece to take home with you.


✅ 5-hour session will combine with stamping method (batik cap) ,which is another way to apply the wax
✅ Professional and experienced instructor
✅ Bottled mineral water
✅ All equipment and materials are provided
✅ The final result of your Batik to take home with you


❎Round trip Transportation
❎ Lunch