About Us

Born south of Yogyakarta in the middle of Java Island (Center of Batik). Widya Harsana realized his passion for art at an early age, and learned batik in a Javanese factory when he was a teenager. Widya move to Bali in 1987 and took a job in a batik factory outside of Ubud. During that time, he has held batik workshop for locals and tourists, just off Monkey Forest Road and was a batik instructor at Bali International School in Sanur, near Kuta. Today Widya Works out of studio in his family’s village in Tegallantang, 1.5 km north of Ubud Center.

Here in the Beautiful Tegallantang Village, we invite you along with your family and friends to enjoy the experience of making Batik which’s an Indonesian technique of wax painting dyeing applied to a piece of cloth. And most people agree that it is in Indonesia that the skill of batik making has reached the highest level of artistry. With your imagination and creativity, you create your own batik design and make them very personal.

Our student range from children, locals and tourist from all around the world,young and old, all with a curiosity about this unique art form.
Whiles Widya’s Batik only can be found in our Studio, we creates batiks for exclusive product on different type of fabric as a Silk, Cotton, Rayon and Tshirt every batik is unique and very personal.